Aquavision® TV Styles



As its name suggests, frameless provides a simple uncomplicated glass design … an unobtrusive glass screen that will merge into any room décor and wall finish. Frameless utilizes a slim line, galvanized steel metal box that fits flush into the wall with its polished-edge glass fitting tight on to the wall surface and protrudes by just 6mm. Available in sizes 16", 22", 27", 32" 40", or 65". Waterproof to IP66*



The original iconic Aquavision design. With a high quality, polished stainless steel bezel that gives a statement of pure luxury whilst framing the glass front, this option provides a fully flush in wall appearance Classic protrudes from the wall by just 1.2mm. Available in sizes 22", 27", 32" or 40" An optional Slim Line Galvanised Back Box for damp or dusty installations is available where required.Waterproof to IP66*



Aquavision at its innovative best … sleek lines combined with an ultra-thin profile (that cleverly hides the mounting frame) and neatly concealed cabling, all brought together to produce an impressive 'suspended-in-air' on-wall alternative. Depth from the wall is 50mm. Available in sizes 22"and 27"only.Waterproof to IP66*



Bespoke – custom mirror designed and manufactured exclusively to your individual specification. Bespoke can incorporate any size and model of Aquavision screen and can be mounted in any position. Using MirrorVision+ ® technology, the mirror appears as a perfect standard mirror with absolutely no visible signs of a screen when the television is off, but allows the television image to be clearly seen when the television is switched on. Perfect for bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, or anywhere that a mirror and television are both needed.

Glass size up to 2.4m x 1.5m incorporating normal Aquavision® television screen sizes from 16" to 65" the possibilities are endless



Ultra is a new range of ultra-thin LCD modules that can be incorporated into furniture and mirror designs. An incredible 26mm profile opens up endless possibilities. Customers can use their own glass design or Bespoke. Available in 22" and 27" screen sizes.

* When installed correctly.